2021 Speakers

Laura Johns
Founder and CEO 
The Business Growers

Laura Johns is Founder and CEO of The Business Growers, a results-driven marketing firm based in Jackson, Mississippi. For nearly 20 years, Laura has led and managed marketing efforts for companies from technology startups and global, multi-billion dollar businesses. She spent nearly half her career serving as a corporate marketing executive in the telecommunications industry before starting The Business Growers. Her career focus is built around driving marketing ROI and developing strategies that lead to tangible success. At The Business Growers, Laura developed a proven, three-step framework to monitor business growth, evaluate marketing effectiveness and ensure businesses have the right components in place to grow and scale. Laura has been honored as one of Mississippi’s Top 50 under 40” and “Top 50 Leading Women in Business.” Johns graduated cum laude with from Mississippi College. She earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Alabama. Learn more about The Business Growers at thebusinessgrowers.com.

Amy Kohl
Founder and CEO
AK Operations

Based out of St. Louis, Amy is the Founder and CEO of AK Operations where her team serves clients with content marketing, lead generation, sales operations and funnel automation. With a decade of building start-ups and a successful exit, Amy pioneered an effective way to lean on automation to assist sales teams with lean headcount or limited resources. This is how the mission of AK Operations was born. Founded in 2018, AK Ops has proudly served over 60 clients globally to help automate the top-of-funnel activities to enable sales teams to focus on winning deals. In lieu of being famous for their hustle and collaboration, Amy has re-invented fractional services by aligning client revenue goals to the performance and focus of the AK Ops team. Companies seek Amy and the AK Ops team for better operating sales system, pipeline automation and visibility, lead nurturing campaigns and sales team alignment. Learn more about Amy and AK Operations at amykohloperations.com.