Women in Tech: Building Your Personal Brand

Tuesday, October 26
5:00 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.

Sponsored by    

Angie Kronenberg
Chief Advocate and General Counsel


Laura Johns
Founder and CEO 
The Business Growers

Amy Kohl
Founder and CEO
AK Operations


As our careers progress, the hurdles and victories we experience become a part of our story. And our story is the first step in the development of a personal brand. Simply put, a personal brand is who we are, the values we embrace and the way we express those values.

Developing a clear understanding of our personal brand can positively affect our roles internally within our own companies and externally with our professional network. A well-defined personal brand can also contribute to overall job satisfaction and help us accomplish career goals.

In this session, Laura Johns, CEO of The Business Growers, and Amy Kohl, CEO of AK Operations, will host an open forum to explore practical ways to build a personal brand, establish a unique professional identity and communicate it effectively to our employers or clients.