Executive Breakfast Program: Top Telecom Network Executive Challenges

Tuesday, October 26
7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m

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2021 marks the Telecom Act’s 25th anniversary and 40 years since the founding of INCOMPAS. To celebrate the enduring legacy of competition underpinning these milestones, our Executive Breakfast Program is dedicated to the top challenges facing today’s telecom network executives. Based on a leadership survey and qualitative discussions with INCOMPAS members, the panel will bring together industry leaders to explore common challenges, break-down the underlying dynamics, and share best practices, anecdotes and case studies highlighting the different ways some of our members are dealing with these challenges. We’ll also save time for an open forum and Q&A at the end.

This program is just the start of a deeper look into the issues impacting providers. In the months following The 2021 INCOMPAS Show, we will host a series of virtual panels to explore additional challenges identified in the survey. These monthly virtual sessions will be open to all, free of charge and archived for on-demand viewing. All registered 2021 INCOMPAS Show participants and virtual event attendees will receive a summary of the survey results and study findings, which we envision will help arm them with solutions to common challenges.