Competition for Government Contracts

Wednesday, November 6
8:40 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. 
Olmsted Ballroom

Chip Pickering


Michael B. Galvin

General Counsel
Granite Telecommunications, LLC 


Pamela Sherwood Hollick
Assistant General Counsel 


General Services Administration’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (“EIS”) is the federal government’s new $50 billion buying contract for the next 15 years for next generations voice and data services. GSA has approved nine companies to bid on and supply those services, and those companies will be looking to partner with competitive companies of many types to furnish the services that governmental agencies will utilize over this extended period. Competitors should be interested in the pace and scope of EIS’s rollout. The rollout has been delayed multiple times already and further delays are not off the table. GSA’s rules are designed to promote competitive bids, but others are pushing back against a more competitive system for selecting service providers. The discussion will focus on these and other issues of interest to the competitive community.