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INCOMPAS Show sponsorships enable your company to increase its brand recognition while engaging and networking with attendees and association members. 

We offer many sponsorship opportunities to foster engagement and increase visibility for your brand, both onsite at The INCOMPAS Show and throughout the year. INCOMPAS also works with industry partners to develop a customized package tailored to meet your needs. Additional benefits come with the individual sponsorships, see below for additional information.

Sponsorship Benefits

Below are additional benefits that come with being an INCOMPAS sponsor. Opportunities within each level are listed below.



Platinum Sponsorship Opportunities
Expo Hall Opening Reception – $25,000
Help kick off The INCOMPAS Show with a bang with a successful Welcome Reception in the Expo Hall. Your company’s logo will be promoted on drink napkins, signage and in all conference reception marketing. Co-sponsorships available.

Tuesday Expo Hall Reception $25,000
Continue the fun in the Expo Hall as the sponsor of Tuesday evening’s networking reception, featuring themed food and drinks. Your company’s logo will be promoted on beverage  napkins, signage and in all conference reception marketing. Co-sponsorships available.

Executive Reception $15,000
Looking for a unique networking opportunity to gain visibility among C-level executives and select customers? Partner with INCOMPAS for the Executive Reception, a highlight of our annual event for this influential group of attendees. INCOMPAS does all of the work – from planning and invites to onsite logistics, so you can simply give us your target audience and attend.  Your company will be advertised as the sponsor on all pre-show marketing materials, signage and beverage napkins at the event, and have an opportunity to address the group during the reception.

Executive Dinner $15,000
Wine and dine an exclusive group of top C Suite prospects as host of the INCOMPAS Executive Dinner. Similar to our Executive Reception, we do all the work – planning, coordination and branding – while you benefit by reaching a high-level audience in an intimate social setting.

Deal Center $15,000
The INCOMPAS Deal Center is a high-traffic location where the deal-making magic happens. Be the exclusive Deal Center sponsor and be recognized on conference signage, and in the Mobile App. You will have the opportunity for collateral placement and sponsored pens in the Deal Center, as well as promotion in conference guide and Mobile App where the Deal Center is mentioned. You also will receive recognition at the coffee station within the Deal Center on the napkins and coffee sleeves, as well as signage. Post-event, you will receive contact information for everyone entering the Deal Center (approximately 600 names). Sponsor to provide collateral and pens.

Closing Party – Pricing per request
INCOMPAS loves to party – make sure your brand is the last thing attendees see as they leave the show. Party themes change each year and have included everything from bourbon tasting, the hottest cover band in Las Vegas, and more. Customize the party to deliver on your company objectives. Inquire for pricing and we will work with you on options to make this party an event to remember.

Gold Sponsorship Opportunities
The INCOMPAS Bar – $10,000
Be the sponsor of this INCOMPAS staple. The INCOMPAS Bar is the center of the Expo Hall action, featuring coffee by day, and cocktails, beer and wine by night. Your branding will be front and center for all attendees to see throughout the conference. Drink customization and other branding opportunities available at an additional cost.

WiFi Sponsor $10,000
Sponsor the INCOMPAS WiFi and connect with attendees while getting them connected online. Benefits include choosing a custom password and having your company logo promoted everywhere WiFi information is listed. A company name or product listed as the password will get your name on the radar of all attendees.

Conference Highlight Wall – $10,000
Have videos you want to share? Or maybe flashy content that can drive attendees to your meeting room or booth? The Highlight Wall, co-branded with the show logo and your company’s brand, will be a focus point for attendees looking for information. Highlight wall will be placed in a key conference location. Branding includes both print and digital.

Registration Counters $10,000
Be the first thing attendees see as they enter The INCOMPAS Show. Sponsor to have logo prominently displayed on the front of all registration counters, as well as registration signage for the duration of the event.

Charging Station Lounge $10,000 
Sponsor this exciting opportunity and allow conference attendees the convenience of charging their mobile devices while attending the conference! As the charging station lounge sponsor, your company will receive a digital advertisement on the charging station for the duration of the event, as well as logo exposure on signage and in the printed conference guide.

Executive Breakfast – $10,000
Be the exclusive sponsor of the Executive Breakfast Panel and showcase your brand to this important group of executives. Sponsor will receive promotion through logo napkins and signage, and will have the opportunity to address the group and receive 5 invitations to attend the breakfast.

Thought Leadership Session – $10,000
Present on a topic of your choice during the official INCOMPAS program (topic must be educational and approved by INCOMPAS). Develop the content and source your own panel, or present by yourself, for up to 40 minutes.

Silver Sponsorship Opportunities
Specialty Coffee $8,000
Coffee is a key role to any meeting, and you can be the one placing coffee in attendees' hands. Sponsor the specialty coffee pop-up station each morning and get your logo on the menus, napkins, coffee cup sleeves, and mention in promotional branding.

Lunch (2 available) $7,500
Sponsor will have the opportunity to distribute promotional materials on tables in the lunch area. Sponsorship includes additional recognition in the conference guide, and in the mobile application where lunch is mentioned, as well as on signage on the expo floor, and on logo cocktail napkins. Sponsor to provide promotional materials.

Registration Badge Insert $7,500
Sponsor will have the opportunity to have a double sided piece of literature inserted into the registration badges that are worn by each attendee. The insert will be visible as they network and meet with each other. 

Conference Lanyards $7,500
Sponsor to have exclusive lanyard sponsorship, to include company logo (alternating with INCOMPAS logo) imprinted on lanyards.

Cigar Rolling Station $7,500
A custom cigar roller will provide guests with a gift they can enjoy at their leisure following a networking reception. The Cigar Rolling station will be placed in a premier location of the expo hall during a networking reception. Your company logo will be found on the custom cigar wraps, on all signage promoting the cigar rolling station, as well as in the conference guide.

Hotel Room Key $6,000
Sponsor to have exclusive hotel room key sponsorship, to include company graphics or logo imprinted on hotel keys front (with INCOMPAS graphics on back of card). Key will be handed out to all guests staying at the host hotel.

Hotel Room Door Drop $6,000/day
Deliver your message directly to attendees by providing marketing collateral for placement in every attendee’s hotel room. This is a great opportunity to invite attendees to your booth or to promote a new product. Sponsor will have the opportunity to have a custom one-page flyer distributed to all attendee rooms. Sponsor to provide collateral.

Water Cooler - $5,000
Sponsor will have their company logo on branded water stations throughout the Expo Hall. Sponsorship includes branded water tower covers and branded disposable cups.

Expo Hall Footprints $5,000
Sponsor will have the opportunity to direct conference attendees straight to their booth or meeting room in the Expo Hall with these highly visible, color floor footprint decals. The footprints will display your company name and/or logo and will start at the front of the exhibit hall and lead all the way to your booth – an excellent way to maximize your booth traffic!

Breakfast (2 Available) $5,000
Sponsor will have the opportunity to distribute promotional materials on tables in the breakfast area. Sponsorship includes additional recognition in the conference guide, and in the mobile application where breakfast is mentioned, as well as on signage on the expo floor, and on logo cocktail napkins. Sponsor to provide promotional materials.

Shoe Shine Station $5,000
Want to provide attendees with a custom touch? Sponsor the Shoe Shine station and attendees will have your company to thank for this special treat! This can be used as a traffic driver to be place near your booth, kiosk or meeting room, and will be promoted by INCOMPAS signage and marketing.

Women in Technology Session $5,000
Empower women in technology and support even more networking during this much-anticipated and well-attended special pre-conference event. Sponsors of this session receive stage recognition, table drop, and marketing promotion. For speaking opportunities, please inquire with the sales team. Co-sponsorships available.

Bronze Sponsorship Opportunities
Snack Station $4,000
Draw traffic to your booth, kiosk or meeting room by sponsoring a fun snack station during Expo Hall hours. The snack station will be placed near your booth, kiosk or meeting room. Choose from one of the following exciting stations: popcorn, trail mix, smoothies, ice cream bars, hot pretzels, fresh-baked cookies, or customize your own. INCOMPAS will promote your snack station in the conference guide, mobile application, and on conference signage to ensure added booth traffic.

Specialty Cocktail $4,000
Sponsor will have the opportunity to sponsor a signature cocktail offered to attendees at one of the evening receptions. Sponsor will receive brand recognition on branded cocktail napkins, signage and in the Onsite Guide.

Mobile Application $4,000
Our mobile app allows attendees to navigate their experience before and during the show. With the mobile app, users can review sessions and add them to their calendar, stay updated on program changes, access maps of the conference area and more. Your company name and logo will be prominently displayed on each page of the mobile app.

Expo Hall Signage $3,500
Freestanding signs are an effective, affordable way to communicate with INCOMPAS attendees. These two-sided meter boards display your artwork in high-traffic areas within the Expo Hall and meeting room areas and can carry your corporate logo, booth number and company graphics.

Registration Counter Pens $3,500
Sponsor will have the exclusive opportunity to have branded pens distributed to all conference attendees at the registration desk. Sponsor to provide pens.

Expo Hall Table Drop $2,500/day
Place your collateral front and center for an entire day of the conference. Collateral will be distributed on Expo Hall tables for attendees to take with them and will be replenished throughout the day 

Video Interview $1,500
Record an interview with a professional video team onsite at the INCOMPAS Show and receive a 3-5 minute video to use for marketing purposes.

Floor Decals $1,500/each 
Floor decals are a great way to drive traffic to your booth while providing brand recognition and distinguishing your company from your competitors. Decals will be placed throughout the convention center in high-traffic areas. 

Promotional Giveaways – Pricing per request
Sponsor will have the opportunity to include a promotional item of their choice in the conference bags. Examples include a screen cleaner, Chap Stick, hand sanitizer, notepads, portable charger, or tech tools. Your company logo will be included on the giveaway for a lasting impression on INCOMPAS Show attendees. Giveaway item subject to approval.

Year-Round Promotional Opportunities
Email Blast $2,500
Want to get a company message out to the INCOMPAS database? Directly access your core audience of more than 10,000 recipients from across the communications industry with an INCOMPAS email blast.

INCOMPAS Website Rotating Banner Ad – $3,000
Create an add to have placed front and center on the INCOMPAS Show Website Home page leading up to the show

Feathr – Inquire for pricing
Market to your audience through retargeted digital advertising. Customize messaging to your audience segments. Access your audience year round with powerful advertising while your audience shops, reads and browses.  

Affiliate Events
We understand that networking is a key component of The INCOMPAS Show. If you prefer to host your own affiliate event, we do ask that your company invest at least $5,000 in the show via any combination of registration, exhibits, sponsorships or meeting spaces, and that any planned event does not conflict with previously scheduled INCOMPAS activities. 

Want help planning your event?
We can assist with affiliate event planning, marketing and RSVP management. Pricing available upon request. Interested in a custom package? Contact sales@incompas.org.