Winning Story Workshop: Using Storytelling in Sales and Marketing to Grow Business

Monday, October 29
9 a.m. – Noon
Juniper Ballroom

Space is limited for this popular workshop! 
To attend, register for the INCOMPAS show and RSVP during the registration process.  Already registered for The 2018 INCOMPAS Show and want to attend this workshop? Edit your registration via the link provided in your confirmation email, or contact

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Workshop Leader: Mary Stanhope, founder, iMarket2

Do you feel customers are not hearing your message? Are you frustrated with a low number of leads?  Is your whole team telling the same story?

Using storytelling in your sales and marketing is important for your business growth. Customers need to quickly understand the value of what you have to offer or they will stop listening and not buy your services. If buyers are not listening to what you say, all your investment in sales and marketing will not translate into business growth.  

Attend the three-hour “Developing a Winning Story” workshop at The 2018 INCOMPAS Show to learn how to use storytelling to simplify your message and tell a story that shows customers that you care about what they want and you can help them achieve it. Use your storyline with employees, sales, marketing, and customers and see your business grow. 

The Developing a Winning Story workshop includes: 

  • Why Having a Story Matters – Learn how to use a story to clarify your message and better communicate with customers.
  • Easy-to-Use Framework – Work in groups to understand what your customers are looking for and define the elements of your winning story.
  • Write your Storyline – Compose a story one liner to use in sales conversations, marketing content and lead generation. 
  • How to Use Your Story – Discover ways to implement your new story one liner to engage customers and grow business. 

About Our Workshop Leader 
Mary Stanhope, founder of iMarket2, has spent the last 25 years working for start-ups and global enterprises refining the best practices to understand what customers want and craft clear messaging and winning stories that grow business. iMarket2 empowers business leaders frustrated with disappointing sales and marketing results to tell their story in a way that people pay attention, engage, and buy. iMarket2 runs private Winning Story Workshops for executive teams globally and group workshops throughout the year in cities across the county.