Network Deployment Workshop: Opportunities and Impediments for Network Builders

Tuesday, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Golden Gate A

Karen Reidy, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, INCOMPAS

Dane Jasper, CEO & Co-Founder, Sonic
Charles McKee, Vice President Government Affairs, Sprint
Milo Medin, Vice President Access Services, Google Fiber
Misty Stine, Executive Vice President Business Development, eX2 Technology

Network builders are reshaping communities around the nation. In places where vanguard broadband companies deploy new fiber networks, prices drop, speeds increase, and new businesses flourish. The market needs faster connections and greater capacity to accommodate business and consumer needs in the midst of a streaming revolution. Yet, regulatory roadblocks to competition continue to slow fiber deployment efforts, and Washington has taken notice. Join us for this interactive workshop to discuss how companies are executing on business opportunities within the current regulatory scheme.  The session will address regulations that create barriers to entry for companies that build networks and what individual companies can do to address and overcome these obstacles. This workshop will also address policies that - if enacted -  will promote broadband networks by facilitating and advancing fiber and infrastructure deployment.